Friday, February 25, 2011

2010-11 Paintings

I titled this piece Haunting Reflections, as it demonstrates the emotions one feels when staring upon the mirror: vanity, insecurity, and sadness. These emotions are protruding from the mirror, depicting how people can be consumed with what they see of themselves. I collaged a Black Swan ticket at the top left which alludes to the main character as she becomes so consumed with her imperfections it destroys her.

Part of a series I made on toilets...acrylic


Acrylic commission piece from a photograph in Venice, Italy

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

AP 3D Concentration

Duct Tape, 2011

Window Screen, 2011

Duct tape, 2011 

Copper, 2011

Cardboard, rice paper, and electrical tape, 2011

Cardboard and Masking tape, 2011

Hot glue, 2011
Printer Paper, 2011
Notebook Skirt, Notebook paper, 2011

Corset, Pencil, 2010

 Lingerie,  Hot glue, 2010

A Breakfast at Tiffany's Poncho, Hot glue, 2010

Carmen, Copper, 2010

(First sculpture I made!)
Totem wood sculpture inspired by Naum Gabo, a Russian Constructivist, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


2010                                        Wylie Theatre, BTW Group Exhibit
2010                                        Dallas Museum of Art
2010                                        Painting Exhibit, Husdon Foundation Gallery, BTW
2010                                        National Art Honor Society Exhibit, Husdon Foundation Gallery, BTW
2010                                        Senior Exhibit, Hudson Foundation Gallery, BTW Group Exhibit

2008                                        TAPPS District Art Competition, 1st place Monochromatic, 1st place Graphite, 5th place Drawing Color
2008                                        TAPPS State Art Competition, 1st Monochromatic, Honorable Mention Seek and Sketch
2008                                        Bishop Lynch Band Festival, 2nd
2009                                        TAPPS District Art Competition, 1st Onsite Drawing, 2nd Painting Opaque, 5th Painting Opaque, 2nd Painting Transparent
2009                                        TAPPS State Art Competition, 1st Onsite Drawing, 1st Seek and Sketch, 3rd Painting Transparent, 6th Painting Opaque
2009                                        ACSI Art Competition, 1st Painting Opaque
2010                                        Savor Dallas Design Competition Winner
2010                                        Aaron Brothers Body of Art Local Competition Winner
2010                                        AP Scholar Award
2011                                        Excellence in AP Art History Award
2011                                        Excellence in Painting Award
2011                                        Excellence in Drawing Award
2011                                        Macy's Design Scholarship